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What is it

No longer Snapchat or Instagram, but another app is currently in Vogue among young people. It's Chinese. which many adults have not heard of. Meanwhile, the app has already 240 million registered users in the world. Its popularity also began to slowly notice advertisers.

Tik Tok - how does it work and what is it?
The app has been Musically linked To the very popular tik Tok app in China. It was decided, however, to put a middle name on it. How does Tik Tok work? The principle of operation and maintenance are almost identical, as was the case in the popular Мюзикл.ly. the For You function is Available, showing suitable videos for the user. We have a filter, VR, special effects and all the music base-old, new and current hits. In addition, we can easily respond to videos that we like.

Musically First

Was supposed to be ... an educational startup. In 2014, in Segahai, Alex Zhu created an educational platform called Cicada, which was intended to share knowledge in a few minutes of video. On its construction attracted 250 thousand. dollars from investors. On the day of the launch, Zhu already knew that the project was doomed to failure. So the other 8 percent. he spent the money on turning an educational app into an entertainment app. So in a month with a Cicada arose


Since that time, millions of teenagers have been on the point of application of the mind. Мюзикл.ly, just like Instagram or Snapachat, puts on creating your own video content by users. They are, however, specific-related mainly to music.

- Speaking of we need to introduce a hybrid of Snapchat with Spotify, along with a powerful build tool and a social platform encased in a smartphone, - describes Conrad Trac, founder and CEO of the Agency, in the Agency's recent report on

The idea of a - sync user records with the music. Finally, it looks like he sang the song himself - it's called lip sync. The dominant length of clips in the app is 15 seconds, but it allows you to record videos up to 60 seconds long. You can upload material from your device to the app that lasts even for five minutes.

Before transferring the video to Мюзикл.ly you can enrich them with many filters and overlays. The added clip is displayed in a loop, and fans can write and comment on it. The more activity there is, the more the algorithm cares about its exposure, among users of applications called muserami (from the English words: music - music and user - user). Important feature Facebook instagram can also easily share clips on third-party platforms such as Instagram or Facebook. it's not just your own music videos for famous songs
- is an explosion of creativity. Adults often react to creativity there, published by laughter or pity - however, in my opinion, this is unreasonable. There's something going on all the time. All the time there are new challenges, new mods that are quickly assimilated by users. Let's also remember that it has long ceased to be an application for July synchronization. Today there are also drawings, short video blogs. Create profiles, travel or culinary

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