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Growing popularity and the ability to reach through it a difficult group of traditional media Internet users made the potential of the platform to see advertisers.

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- creates completely new advertising opportunities for brands. Muser channels are not yet as well advertised as, for example, YouTubers or instagramers-they are fresh, offer brands unique opportunities to use in collaboration with an influential person. This is a new wave of opinion leaders who are completely authentic to their target audience, " says Business Insider Krzysztof Budzinski of, report Creator on, he points out that collaboration with musers is incomparably cheaper, given their reach, compared to other influencers.
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Thank you advertisers can reach out to students
Valentin Sokolovsky emphasizes that, according to the platform itself, most users are between 13 and 21 years old - and at this age they are also willing to follow the is a great way to achieve with ads for students. On Мюзикл.ly boosted drinks, candy, chain stores, game makers, and even cosmetics-lists the head of BrandBuddies.

The most popular users in Europe, they took part, in particular, in the campaign to promote the premiere of the Supplement "seasons" The Sims 4". The children's Ombudsman, supporting a large-scale campaign "let's stop school aggression", attracted ten top managers to cooperate. Their task was to show their opposition to aggression in the school, as well as encouraging fans to join the action.

Campaign addition & quot;Four Seasons in the Sims 4 & quot; on Мюзикл.ly

Campaign additions "seasons" The Sims 4 " on
Example of a campaign implemented on globally, there was the inclusion of actions in the app to promote the second part of the blockbuster" Guardians of the Galaxy" created by Marvel. Fans had to turn their part of the Duo into the movie's dancing heroes.

- As a BrandBuddies campaign with Musers we have been running for more than a year, recent months, however, have brought significant growth. Record in this regard will be, of course, September-the time of return to school, - says Sokolovsky.

The app itself began to take care of increasing popularity and getting out of the group of teenagers. recently on trams in Warsaw, it is also advertised in other social networks.

Everything points to the fact that Musically Facebook instagram is the only app from Asia seriously ladies to compete with the big four on social networks (Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat). In November 2017, free Musically about a billion dollars were transferred by the Chinese company Bytedance. Instagram Facebook is a new app that should allow the app to finally appear in the huge Chinese market, where, for example, the use of Facebook or Instagram belonging to It is blocked.