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What happened ? it boldly fights for its position in the world of social networks and attracts influential people known on other platforms: YouTubers, instagramers, slowly becoming the younger brother of YouTube.

The success of the app can be seen in numbers. In the year after its debut, it was in the first position in the AppStore in 19 countries. It currently has 240 million registered users worldwide. Internet users using they live mainly in the USA, Canada, India, and in Europe-in Italy and Germany.

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The most popular musically users already has 30 million fans
- It is from Germany that the most popular muserki come-Lisa and Lena, whose profile tracks more than 30 million users. The huge involvement in this part of Europe has convinced applications to open their European office of management in Berlin, they tells us.

In second place among THE top users of the app is American Ariel Martin, working under the pseudonym Baby Ariel, which has 27.2 million fans. Thanks to the popularity on she managed to record her own single.

According to Gemius, it follows that in June 2018 with used in smallest countries less than 340 thousand UAH. real users, that is 1.24 percent. all users of the Internet. All this time is small compared to, for example, Instagram (3.1 million users). It should be borne in mind, however, that the application is used mainly by students of high schools or lyceums, and almost generally popular among people after 20. year of life.

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