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Utwórz własną stronę internetową za pomocą  Musically -why did it disappear?

The revolutionary change has been known since November 2017. Then this it was acquired by the Chinese company ByteDance, for about 1 billion dollars. Alex Zhu, one of the creators of the site musically and Vice-President of Tik Tok, told about the changes: - the Name Tik Tok perfectly reflects the nature of the short videos presented on our platform. Connection with TikTok, this is a natural step, if only because of the joint mission of both apps. We want to create a community where everyone can be a Creator.

Users may be surprised that the name Musically has stopped being used. After all, recently praised the amazing result-100 million users were active.

Tik Tok - how does it work and what is it?

The app has been Musically linked To the very popular tik Tok app in China. It was decided, however, to put a middle name on it. How does Tik Tok work? The principle of operation and maintenance are almost identical, as was the case in the popular Мюзикл.ly. the For You function is Available, showing suitable videos for the user. We have a filter, VR, special effects and all the music base-old, new and current hits. In addition, we can easily respond to videos that we like.

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